Pubs & Pastries

One thing there was not a lack of in London were pubs and pastries. First off, spending a week one block from Harrod's, you can easily become plump in one week. The first floor of Harrod's had an amazing gourmet section for just about any kind of food you can think of along with multiple cafes sprinkled throughout the other four floors. We made multiple trips to the patisserie, two stops to the gelateria on the second floor, and had high tea at The Georgian, which was absolutely beautiful.

Throughout the week we also sampled a few pubs including the Tea Clipper, The Bunch of Grapes, and the Dickens Inn pubs which were good, but not the best fish and chips we've had.

On night two in London we walked down to Roti Chai an Indian cuisine restaurant which was amazing. We ate in the “street kitchen” section of the restaurant which was quite packed for being a Sunday night. The restaurant had the vibe of a downtown Austin restaurant, very laid back and a little hipster-ish. We ordered the chicken samosa as an appetizer, for a main dish we shared a curry chicken dish, little fried chicken thingys with dipping sauces, and a basket of roti. It was so delicious we forgot to take pictures until all of our food was gone. The service was great! After Scott had spilled his entire glass of water on our samosa plate that also had chick peas the manager brought us out an entire new dish on the house.

We also had some of our favorite meals in London by choosing random places that looked good as we wandered by. One morning we had a delicious full breakfast at a patisserie and had one of the best pizzas ever for dinner one night at Jamie Oliver's Union Jack Restaurant.


On our last day in the city we opted to have lunch at Laduree (a french restaurant) close to our flat. The presentation of the food was gorgeous! Our meals were good, but overpriced for what they were, but the desserts were worth every penny.


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