Cushy Landing!


Upon arriving in London, we have experienced quite the cushy landing…and I don’t mean the plane landing (that was actually rough). We arrived at London Heathrow at about 11:00am, picked up our baggage, and thanks to Scott’s Dad, we were met by a driver waiting to take us to our accommodation. As we hastily followed the sharply dressed lad to the garage, we weren’t quite sure what to be expecting, and to our delight, he escorted us to a beautiful, sleek Jaguar XJ that would be our ride to the Beaufort House flat in Knightsbridge.


We pulled up to a beautiful row of houses with exquisitely groomed shrubbery that we would be calling home for the next few days. The Beaufort House is in a prime location being about one block from the iconic Harrod’s, exquisite restaurants, and only a five minute walk from Hyde Park. The staff at the Beaufort House is extremely friendly and was so helpful showing us around our flat. The flat is very lush, yet comfortable and way more extravagant than we could have ever imagined. Some may think it is a little over the top for an RTW, but when a gift like this is offered, how could we possibly say no.


The Lobby at the Beaufort House



Our Bedroom


The Living Room


The Kitchen in the Flat


The Balcony

We spent the first night in London wandering around the neighborhood exploring restaurant options and local shops, ordered some Chinese take away that was recommended by our driver, and called it an early night to adjust to our new time zone.


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