Prepping for your RTW trip can be a very intricate, long process for most serious travelers which includes a multitude of things such as what to do with your home, what to pack, planning itineraries, getting vaccinated, and the BIGGIE…money!

Sometimes even knowing where to start planning your trip can be a daunting task, so below are some ideas to consider when planning your trip:

  • Research the best time of year to visit your destination.  Take into consideration weather, must see events/festivals, costs.
  • Plan out your budget for your trip:
    • Transportation costs: Airfare, Rental Cars, Train tickets, Bus tours, etc.
    • Lodging: Hotels, Hostels, B&Bs, etc.
    • Food & Souvenirs
    • Pre-trip expenses: Visas, Passports, travel gear purchases, travel insurance, sim cards (are a must), etc.
    • Bucket List Expenses: Those must do things that are going to cost.  Example: Climbing the Sydney Bridge, Diving the Great Barrier Reef, Cooking Classes in Thailand, Bastille Day Cruise on the Seine, etc.
  • Make a “Must See/Do List” for each destination:
    • Research the best restaurants in the area.
    • Research festivals/events to see or experience.
  • Security Prep:
    • Know current events in each area.  It’s important to know if there are any current hot issues that may cause problems.  For example: We ran into riots in Taxim Square in Istanbul, taxi driver strikes in Paris, the G20 Summit in Russia, etc.  Just be prepared!
    • Sign up with the State Department.  You will receive warnings about any dangerous situations in that area and if worst case scenario was to happen, they would have your information to help you out.
    • Make a copy of your passport to keep in a different bag just in case yours is stolen or lost, you will at least have a copy to show at the Embassy.
    • Have a secret stash of cash.  It is not uncommon for travelers to get pick-pocketed.
  • Book, Buy, Confirm!
    • Make sure you have confirmation numbers for all of your bookings.
  • Enjoy!
    • Don’t get too caught up with sticking to the “plan”.  Sometimes some of the best adventures are those that you don’t plan for.  Enjoy the moment, be in the present…and remember you have to go with the flow.  Our mantra for our trip was “it is what it is!”

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