Let the Adventures Begin!!!!

We are so excited that our journey has begun! After a long night of packing, and double checking to make sure we weren't forgetting anything, we have made the first leg of our trip.

With backpacks attached, we departed El Paso, TX this morning, had a short layover in Austin, and have arrived in Baltimore, MD. We are staying the night in Baltimore at Scott's sister's house and will be on our way to London tomorrow.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with family last night in New Mexico, another wonderful dinner with family tonight in Baltimore, and toasted to the adventures that await us in the morning. Both nervous and excited, it will be hard to sleep tonight like kids on Christmas Eve. Look out world…here we come!


3 thoughts on “Let the Adventures Begin!!!!

  1. Be safe, be merry, and enjoy your time with family, friends, and each other……….as we say in new Orleans, Let the good times roll.

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